Our Services

Below is a list of the chiropractic and therapeutic services that we offer. If you have any questions about any of our therapies or need help figuring out which of our services will best fit your needs, please contact us using the link at the bottom of the page. Our staff will be happy to assist you!



Chiropractic Manipulation



A manual technique used to correct any misalignment of the spine in order to relieve pain and improve your bodies function.


Massage Therapy



Massage therapy is used to help alleviate pain by reducing muscle spasms, increasing circulation, and decreasing stress. There are several types of massage available, such as, Swedish, deep tissue, sports, and pregnancy.

Some insurances will cover 30 minute massages. Call us for more information!

Electrical Muscle Stimulation



The use of an electrical impulse to stimulate a very mild muscle contraction inorder to reduce pain and decrease muscle tension.


Therapeutic Ultrasound



Uses sound waves to increase circulation and decrease swelling.


Therapeutic Stretching



Helps to alleviate joint and muscle pain by decreasing muscle tension.

Wellness Program

(10 - 12 weeks) 


Nutritional Counseling: Education on what types of foods to eat, what types of foods to avoid, when the best time to eat certain foods throughout the day, and how much food to consume with each meal.

Therapeutic Exercise: Exercise sessions will be with certified trainers who will taylor each session to fit each individuals specific needs.

Chiropractic Care: This includes therapeutic stretching, soft tissue therapy, and spinal manipulation (as needed).